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Developed by Robin Chilstrom,Voiceweaving is a playful vocal improvisation form. Explore the site to learn about Voiceweaving and enjoy the posts on sound work.   

There’s so much there in the ChitChat…

It’s all there, inside you, just waiting to bubble up. You are an explorer, discovering the ongoing surprise of being and knowing and engaging with life through the miraculous body you live in. And you can do it in ways that help you center in a fluid state of curiosity and connectivity.

That connection keeps us attuned to one another and in our natural state of acceptance and empathy. You don’t have to try to be accepting and empathetic, you already are. I know, it feels like it ebbs and flows, doesn’t it? Especially now when divisiveness and moments of fierce inequality ripple through our culture.

Well, here’s a way to move into that open, fluid state – almost effortlessly.  The trick is…to be yourself. To be where you are and sound out from that place. You might be bummed out, or low energy or worried about something. So, that’s where you are – be there. Be there fully and genuinely and let it flow through you as sound.

The other trick is, that you’ll be doing this with a buddy.  Might be one of your kids, a lover, a housemate, work partner, whoever is willing in that moment. And as present as you are for yourself, you are also fully listening to your partner, letting them impact you.

This is a favorite sound game of mine – I hope you like it too, and practice it with different folks when the time is right.

VW 5x7 Y&M Chitchat pbc





Listen In…

EarthWe are a transforming harmony – all of us together on planet Earth. The sun rises daily and, wherever we are, we enter into the day-song. Wind rolling through meadow grass, buffeting glass-façade canyons, over frozen streams, pulsing freeways, neighborhood gardens, carrying the energy of change. Our actions, great and small, are added in to the great song. Continue reading

TRANSLATIONS – a sound practice

This game is for the Voiceweaving meet-up group and for you too, if you like to play vocally.

Here’s a little exercise you can practice as it strikes your fancy. It’s called TRANSLATIONS. It’s a very simple practice, and one that’s quite engaging. It’s all about listening, tuning in and getting comfortable sounding out what you sense. While doing that, you’re also adding to your personal sound vocabularies. Continue reading

Voice Raising Fun!

As promised, we had a spirited evening of play at the first Voice Raising of the season tonight at Cerimon House. Camaraderie, inner reaching and attuned listening pulled us into the circle of improvisational song. Thank You All! Here are several comments and pictures to mark the evening.

“Very enlightening – a universal way to communicate in group.”

“This was fun and creative and stimulating and energizing!”

“Great. Lots of fun with just enough challenge and content to keep us focused and creative…able to be spontaneous.”


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Voiceweaving Cards…

VW YOU&ME 5x7fcpAt the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself. A promise to honor the creative exploration I have shared in circle after circle with imaginers, actors, musicians, educators, artists, activists-those who invite us to rise up inside, speak our truths and fill the world with beauty.

In 1974 Storefront Theater’s inspired director/creator/designer, Ric Young, asked me to make some atmospheric vocal sound for a scene being rehearsed. I’d never sounded like that before and I was surprised by what came out. It made me wonder, “what is this sinuously rhythmic taproot connected to? Where does it come from and where does it go?” Continue reading

Spring Voice Raising!

Over the last several years I’ve been meeting in intimate circles of friends to explore vocal improvisation. These Voiceweaving Labs have rekindled my love and desire to playfully engage with you. You know who you are. There’s some intangible part of community that seems missing. It’s something creative, collaborative and fun. It invites you to express yourself as you are. It’s in-the-moment and connects you to other people in a whole-being kind of way. It brings you closer, warms you up inside and leaves you feeling in-the-flow…

…so, that’s why I’m inviting you to join in on May 10th at Cerimon House for an evening of Voice Raising. The event is free and if you like it you can join me next Fall at Voiceweaving events and Workshops. Continue reading