Remembering why . . .

As a child I was entranced by harmonies.  Listening from inside the sound, vibrating threads of music carried me past the barrier of skin and I could merge into the flowing moment, connected to everything.

As a young adult, my passion for open-hearted communication led me to an experimental theater company, where I entered the current of cultural transformation that was powerfully rising in America in the 70’s. Hungry for truth and justice and peace, we learned through our collaborative struggles that the constant challenge is to open up and listen to each other because when we do, we can share the power, with each of us bringing our unique gifts and skills to create something new together.

Over the years these influences inspired me to develop Voiceweaving.  We are living in a pivotal time on Earth with so many reasons now to engage one another in creative action, yet we’re often distracted, or lost from one another (and ourselves).

I think we belong to each other as truly as we belong to the earth.  Now is the time to re-connect and playfully find the harmony in our lives and in our relationships so that we can fill the world with this powerful beauty.  Sounding is a tool we can use to stay in the moment, in our bodies and alive to the endless flow of creativity that runs like a river through our hearts connecting us to LIFE.

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