We are on a journey . . .

In my 20’s I worked in an alternative theater company filled with uniquely gifted artists. For ten years I trained informally with professional actors, directors, playwrights, musicians, costumers and set designers and collaborated on a range of wildly creative projects.  The Storefront Theater was founded by Anne and Tom Hill.

One evening as I sat with friends around the Hill’s round, oak table – eating from lovingly mismatched blue willow china – Anne Hill said, “Do you know that some people believe we reincarnate in groups to continue our work together?”  I knew that this group of people was very special to me, but Anne’s comment invited me to wonder if there was more to all this than I understood.

I was naive in my understanding of the capacity of the human spirit.  A seasoned actor once said to me, “I am not what you think you see.” I didn’t understand what he was talking about at all and it was some time before I began putting pieces of this life-soul-journey puzzle together.  During my first Saturn return I was pulled into a process that forever expanded my understanding of “who I am.”

It all began with song and I’ll share more about that later.  Briefly, I began to journey in the world of sound.  Pressed by waves of feeling and the impulse to sound them out, I was guided to surrender into deepening awareness.  Eventually I came to understand that we can enter a kind of Deep Memory through sound.  A state of consciousness, Deep Memory gives us access to wisdom, guidance and information from our souls, our ancestors . . . and spirit.

After years away from my sounding practice, I am listening once again.  What I hear is that we are all being called to honor our life paths and share our gifts. I was confused for many years about how to use this gift, and hesitant to share “the voices,” the memories and information received.  Chatting only recently with my mother about her childhood, I learned that both she and my grandmother “spoke in tongues” at evangelical gatherings. She had never talked about if before, shared it briefly and with embarrassment.  I’m guessing that I’ve inherited this sensitivity to “waken the soul” through sound from my Celtic ancestors.

This is a time for waking up . . . for remembering who we really are.  As we shake off the illusion of who we think we are, we’ll regain our capacity to connect as one great earth family – all beings, all life as one.  Many paths lead to Deep Memory.  The sounding way is just one path.  I’m sharing what I learn to support others on the path and connect with my tribe.

 Leya Leya (The Gathering)  Carrying memories of many times and places lived, this song imagines the after-war, blessing the dead, leaving our homeland and forever goodbyes.

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