Transforming a feeling into a musical phrase

When my feelings are engaged I notice a variety of things. Irritation is a common signal that something’s up for me. It could be a tone of voice, an incident or even a passing thought that triggers the feeling.  Or, I might experience a rush of appreciation in the presence of beauty.  That heart-opening sensation fills my body with energy that needs to be expressed.

Unfortunately, sounding out what I’m feeling in the moment isn’t always possible. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve got to tuck my feelings away for good, nor is it advisable to do so.  Feelings are like weather. The winds of my heart stir, then swirl into gusts of feeling so that I can learn something about myself.  “Feelings are energy in motion,” a dear friend once told me. That said, my body always clues me in to where I’m holding onto feelings.

Flutters in my stomach, a stiff neck or nervous energy are not-so-quiet whispers from within, asking for my attention. Most of the time I have no idea where I’m going when I start to follow a feeling. Over the years I’ve journeyed many places – into mystic landscapes and childhood drama, through the boundaries of deep memory, and into the playful merriment of my natural self.  I’ll share more about these journeys later in VoiceMuse posts.

Today I thought it would be fun to follow a feeling on its journey through sound-into-music.   Following a feeling or impulse as it transforms into sound with shape is an authentic way to build a personal and unique musical vocabulary. It also strengthens improvisational skills by attuning our minds to intuitive listening without judgement or interference.

Here’s today’s little journey: Hope Rising origin

Lyrics kept flowing after this song-catching session.  I’ll shape them into a song and bring it to my singing partners.  As we play, the song will continue to evolve.

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