Unexpected Outcomes . . .

There are times when I feel uneasy or uncomfortable and I have no idea why.  I must confess that I often disregard these feelings or override them with a distraction of some kind; work that is totally consuming has been very effective for that.  I’m telling you this because the walk to the edge of my soul has not been easy or comfortable. But when I do choose to listen (and follow) I am always blessed with unexpected outcomes.

We don’t need to journey inward – especially in this culture where so little attention is paid to embracing the inner life and so much attention is paid to distracting ourselves. We are swept away with opportunities to fill all our senses and satisfy every whim and curiosity. Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally there that it’s thrilling, amazing and incredible how modern technology enables us to do so many things, and I love my computer. But it also serves as a highly effective palliative for suppressing and avoiding feelings that are stirred by living in this 21st century world of ours.

That’s why, over the years, I’ve developed a deep listening and sounding practice that guides me through these feelings (albeit sometimes unwillingly) into unexpected territory. I’ve not been comfortable sharing these journeys in the past since they ramble along the borderlands of ‘channeling.’ I’ll be sharing them occasionally in posts (as recordings) and I’m developing a process to guide others down this path of inner awareness through Voicemuse workshops and individual sessions.

Today, as I sit listening and recording what I hear, (tucked comfortably in my old green chair), you’ll hear water dripping, odd noises and trucks rumbling down the street delivering holiday packages.  You’ll also hear back and forth dialogue between me, inner guides and an ancestor.  I don’t quite know what else to call them but I’m always surprised at how very close they are. It’s not like I’m entering an altered state; it’s more like being attuned to a field of resonance where time, memories and archetypal personalities coalesce. There’s a lot of information available in there, and we have many opportunities to listen if we choose to.

Here’s an edited version of the session: Unexpected Outcomes


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