Moment to moment…

flying Woman sm2aFor half a year I’ve been singing with a group of women musicians in a Voiceweaving Lab. Currently we’re shaping structure to support one another in the creation of Chant Songs that reflect our moment-to-moment lives. Listening to the inner voice, then sharing what we hear with peers, is the foundation of this song-making where instant harmonies emerge to support the fledgling songs.

Great changes are happening all around us.  It is very tempting to hold on, to live our lives in the patterns we’ve set, regardless of their current value to our happiness or growth.  This seems to be a challenge in my own life and as I reawaken to the possibilities that every moment is ripe for inspiration, beauty, truth,connection and new direction I yearn to gather with friends and practice, “listening to the moment.” Here’s a chant-song I caught during a recent session: 


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