Connecting in the moment…

bowing man card mockup 3Shuttling down Ikea aisles, clutching frames to purchase, I was startled over the holidays to hear a brief melody reaching out behind me. Brief. So brief that I could have ignored it.  It wasn’t a holiday tune.  It was playfully conversational, a capricious dare. Looking back, I saw a young man walking with another as they sought Aisle 7 in the auditorium-sized self-serve area that leads to the check-outs.  I could have ignored it, but I didn’t.  I heard the call and replied. Just a brief conversational response. He was surprised.  I often wonder why life isn’t more like that moment. It’s so normal, so human.  Call and Response. Simple, uncomplicated, playful, collaborative, communication.  I am here, you are here, here we are, in the moment, in this vast, tempting resonant hall. Let’s play! Honoring the impulse I’m sharing a brief, playfully soulful journey taken with my dear friend Izetta Smith in June of 2014. Poet Ellen Goldberg joins us from the kitchen adding the rhythmic staccato of groceries being put away. A simple moment to explore the vast creative potential that is always between us. Always, always, always.

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