Share the gifts…

IMG_0090Beginning again in this new year I am reminded to honor the gifts given. We are, each one, filled with the potential to share the most potent, honest, revealing and beautiful parts of our ourselves, our truths.  It is in our nature to share with one another and (for me) a core need to connect with you at a heart level.

I lag behind my heart, however as my mind burrows into a maze of preoccupation, a never-ending stream of alternatives to paying deeper attention. It is not hard, I whisper to myself, to listen and respond to the gifts within.  But it takes willingness and practice and respect to take the time to shape the flowing energies and share them.

I ask you to remember that your beauty, your wisdom, your gifts are needed in the world.  As we journey on through this decade, let’s remind each other that we are all part of the evolving story; we are all needed. When any one of us is marginalized or disregarded we lose a part our ourselves.  Setting the sparks of action and inspiration that will light our way into the future will take all of us speaking our truths and acting on them.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the soul-shattering trauma that is forcing change on peoples and other living beings worldwide. The patterns of chaos are raging.  But they are patterns and patterns inevitably change.  We can shape new patterns, consciously, but it will take time.  So, I ask you to keep sharing your light with all of us…keep us posted on your journey.  Share your discoveries, your challenges, your beauty, your dreams and visions, and I will do the same.

Welcoming in the New Years Gifts, I share a little experiment created in the maze of preoccupation.  Photos are from the Department of the Interior twitter site and Hans Silvester (the Omo People).

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