Listen In…

EarthWe are a transforming harmony – all of us together on planet Earth. The sun rises daily and, wherever we are, we enter into the day-song. Wind rolling through meadow grass, buffeting glass-façade canyons, over frozen streams, pulsing freeways, neighborhood gardens, carrying the energy of change. Our actions, great and small, are added in to the great song.

Like a river flooding its banks, nightly news is overflowing with the troubles of the world. We are inundated with images, acts and sounds of war, earth in peril, communities living on the edge.

Yet here we are, in the age of the possible. Life is in constant motion and change is inevitable. As we listen to what is and what is needed, we can find a place to be of use each day. But where is that? That place where we are grounded, focused on engaging with – rather than reacting to – change. Change that leans forward through actions that harmonize with healing the world.

For me this has been a life-long challenge. Intuition touches me and I listen for cues – or maybe I don’t. Sometimes I listen until the effort of living overwhelms  my attention. Pulled off-center, propelled at the speed-of-life, it feels like there is no time to listen.

What am I listening for, anyway? Is it going to help me do a better job of tending to my dying mother? Will it solve the problem of a huge garden going wild? Will it open my heart to acknowledge the anger and grief I hold in bewildered silence at so much earthly violence? Will it remind me that I am part of a greater whole, mystery is afoot, and I am needed just as I am?


And it will remind me that I have a choice that’s neither right nor wrong. I can choose to pay attention, or not, to the gentle whisper asking me to listen in. It’s a gift that’s always available to anyone who chooses.

Well then, here’s a simple tool I’ve used many times to do just this kind of listening. Perhaps it will be of use to you as well. The one secret I have learned through years of practice is to surrender control. I don’t know where I’m going or where I’ll land.

The journey itself is a path of self-discovery. And isn’t it possible, coincidentally, that as we discover and honor our own deeper levels of knowing, we are acting in harmony with the healing of the world?

VW 5x7 Wize'n up pbc 2


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