Sounding is the profoundly expressive language that human beings share. The Rootstock of all spoken language, sound is alive in us – irrepressibly truthful, dynamic and beautiful. 

Voiceweaving is an open-hearted spontaneous singing practice: body-based, playful and pleasurable. It’s a legacy from our ancestors, evolving from what is perhaps the first human language – pure sound. Anyone can join in by following a simple set of sound games created for individuals, duos and small groups. The exercises flow through a progression of improvisational techniques that invite self-expression. They also help to build a supple voice, broaden improvisational range and sharpen musical skills. Group exercises become a medium for intuitive collaboration where chant songs and circle songs are created. Voiceweaving workshops are facilitated by Robin Chilstrom in a variety of formats.  Workshops can also be tailored for special interest groups, celebrations and events, conferences, schools and private gatherings.  (learn more)