Learning Curves

Every so often my brother David and I get together to jam.  Both in our 60’s (and middle children), we simultaneously revived singing practices recently without knowing the other was doing so.  I love that kind of synchronicity!  David is incredibly fun to sing with; he’s playful, adventurous and he has the rhythm gene. He can pull a syncopated pattern out of thin air and tap dance his vocal cords through a series of complicated rhythms – no problem. Continue reading


Play is for everybody – not just kids.  It makes us bloom inside with ideas, enthusiasm, courage and wonder.  In play we cross boundaries that tame our everyday behavior and enter a realm of freedom and discovery.  Within the hum and the drum of life the current of imagination is flowing . . . always.  Right Here.  Right Now.  It tugs at dreary moments with an appealing warmth as if to say, “There is another way to be in this moment with this situation/feeling/experience. C’mon!  I’ll show you!” Continue reading

Everyday jammin’

Over the last few busy months I’ve been meeting one-to-one with friends (old and new) to jam.  These duets are casual, playful and unstructured. They flow from the personal energy/life zones we bring to our sessions.  Just as each friendship is unique, so are these musical relationships.

Journeying through rhythmic and melodic landscapes as they quicken and transform, we listen and respond in a circular way.  Some of the musical patterns that emerge become fertile ground for explorative song-making, others serve as transition zones that quiet the mind or help us reconnect. Continue reading