Listen In…

EarthWe are a transforming harmony – all of us together on planet Earth. The sun rises daily and, wherever we are, we enter into the day-song. Wind rolling through meadow grass, buffeting glass-façade canyons, over frozen streams, pulsing freeways, neighborhood gardens, carrying the energy of change. Our actions, great and small, are added in to the great song. Continue reading

Unexpected Outcomes . . .

There are times when I feel uneasy or uncomfortable and I have no idea why.  I must confess that I often disregard these feelings or override them with a distraction of some kind; work that is totally consuming has been very effective for that.  I’m telling you this because the walk to the edge of my soul has not been easy or comfortable. But when I do choose to listen (and follow) I am always blessed with unexpected outcomes. Continue reading