Pattern Weaving, Catching a Song

Pattern Weaving

Although we are all one, in physical terms we are many. But the longing to simultaneously be oneself and part of everything is both profound and quite normal.

Pattern Weaving is a pathway into the space that’s between us, where our energies can merge in the realm of transforming sound. Cacophony, harmony, counterpoint, melody, dissonance, unison, simple and complex rhythms are all part of the creation of multi-layered improvisational group songs. And there are many ways to enter in.

In this workshop we’ll explore basic techniques for building improvised, wordless songs from the beat (or pulse) up.

Catching a Song

Building on the work of Pattern Weaving we “set the course” of our songs by adding experimental structure, topical focus and pre-composed elements. This is a small-group studio experience that focuses on the development of chant songs with the possibility of scoring them for public sharing.