Voicemuse: A body-aware personal practice for deepening connection with body-mind-spirit.  Individual focus on sensing and sounding energy states within the body and following them as a compassionate listener. For folks who would like to develop a personal voice practice that opens the heart and embraces the flow of our feelings as energy-in-motion.

Quite often, body wisdom is not included in our musings as we earnestly try to understand moods, life situations, feelings and physical states.  We struggle with these things; we think about them, read about them and seek help. We talk about them over and over and over. Many of us (myself included) come to a place of unwilling acceptance. I just seem to be stuck. That’s the way it is for now.

Yet we have this fantastic, living library of perception, awareness, intuitive knowledge and wisdom housed within the matrix of our bodies.  Our bodies know how to assist us in deep, soul-level healing. We, in turn, need to learn the language of our body’s Wisdom in Motion or WIM. For some, body wisdom flows most directly through movement; others access it through meditation.  Voicemuse combines elements of both as touch points to access the inner landscape.

Because each of us has our own “guidance system” we can learn to follow physical cues that are prompting us for attention.  As we give voice to these signals we become active listeners, allowing stored energy to move. As it does, we can follow that energy to its source and discover deeper parts of ourselves.  The mystery and joy of this practice is that we (as the subject of our musings) are always available.  The work can be done gradually or intensively.  And no matter how long we’ve been away, the willing heart is always there to welcome us within.

Would you like to work with me one-on-one, or share this process with a group?  That’s Great! I’m happy to work with individuals or small groups of 4-8 people.  Just contact me HERE.