Voiceweaving Elements

Voiceweaving Elements: A playful, interactive workshop that focuses on sounding the inner landscape and collaborating with others in a flow of rhythm, melody and harmony. Beginning with ourselves, we take time to loosen up and free our natural voice by “checking in” and exploring personal sound vocabularies. Then we journey through a sequence of sound games with partners and in groups.

Step-by-step we practice basic improvisational skills: listening, creating and stabilizing rhythm, accessing melody lines, experimenting with harmony and exploring musical patterns as we solo and work with partners.  Finally, as a full group we practice pattern weaving by setting and layering musical patterns, varying them, and following the evolving songs as they transform within our circle.

2016 Workshops will begin in May at Cerimon House in Portland Oregon.          Schedule TBA

If you’re interested in joining in or hosting a Voiceweaving Elements workshop, feel free to contact me below.